Buy Local Lubbock celebrates local business. Because of this, we would like to make it as easy as possible for our readers to distinquish between truely local business and those which are not. This directory is ONLY available for locally-based companies.

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Disclaimer: Buy Local Lubbock neither endorses nor disparages any business listed here. This is a general directory of ALL local businesses in Lubbock and anyone with a local product or service may list here. Buy Local Lubbock has not reviewed any of these businesses and does not offer an opinion respecting these. If you would like to view our recommendations, go to any of the following Best in Lubbock pages…

Local Agriculture

Local Business Support Industries

Local Contractors

Local Entertainment

Local Franchises

Local Manufacturing

Local Personal Services

Local Professionals

Local Restaurants

Local Retailers

The general listings directory contains the same categories of businesses, but include all local Lubbock businesses regardless of ratings. Below, you can read more about what may be found in each section.

Local Agriculture — Lubbock was built on Agriculture. Everything from Cotton to Peanuts are grown in the South Plains and in these pages, we provide our recommendations of Local Lubbock Ag-related businesses.

Local Business Support Industries — Lubbock has one of the most thriving business communities in the nation. Part of the reason for this is easy access to a number of excellent support industries. In these pages, we will provide you with our recommendations. Whether you are starting a new business or have been around for decades, this resource will help you outperform your competition.

  1. Advertising & Marketing in Lubbock
  2. Business Supplies in Lubbock
  3. Jobs, Careers, & Training in Lubbock
  4. Publishing & Printing in Lubbock
  5. Telecommunications in Lubbock

Local Contractors — Lubbock has no shortage of excellent Contractors. For this reason, this is the largest section on this site. Here, you will find our recommendations along with a simple form to get in touch should you have need of their services.

  1. Carpenters in Lubbock
  2. Cleanup & Hauling in Lubbock
  3. Driveway & Concrete Lubbock
  4. Electricians in Lubbock
  5. Fencing in Lubbock
  6. Flooring & Carpet in Lubbock
  7. Foundation Repairs in Lubbock
  8. Garage Doors in Lubbock
  9. General Remodeling & Doors in Lubbock
  10. Home Insulation in Lubbock
  11. Home Security & Electronics in Lubbock
  12. HVAC in Lubbock
  13. Lawn Care in Lubbock
  14. Moving & Delivery in Lubbock
  15. Painting Contractors in Lubbock
  16. Patios & Decks Lubbock
  17. Play Area Construction in Lubbock
  18. Plumbers in Lubbock
  19. Plumbing in Lubbock
  20. Pools & Spas Lubbock
  21. Roofing/Roofers in Lubbock
  22. Siding & Masonry in Lubbock
  23. Tile, Tub, & Bath Lubbock
  24. Window Installation (New) in Lubbock
  25. Window Repairs in Lubbock

Local Entertainment — Lubbock has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment. From Museums to Art Galleries, sports centers, theaters, and more. There is plenty to do in Lubbock. If ever you want to get ideas, stop off here and check out the most recent Buy Local Lubbock Entertainment recommendations.

Local Franchises — We decided to make this section stand out. The reason is simple: Although we encourage everyone to buy local whenever possible, we must recognize that a local franchise operation is far more local than the average corporate location. A Franchise operated from Lubbock will have the virtually the same impact as a strictly local business, more in some cases. This is because with franchises, revenue tends to flow into the local economy from elsewhere. This is the next best thing to having a local national/international corporation headquartered in Lubbock. So please, treat our local Franchise operations like homegrown businesses.

Local Manufacturing — In this section we highlight local Lubbock manufacturers. Although Lubbock is not a manufacturing center, we do have some major manufacturers which add considerably to our economy. Many of these would otherwise miss the attention of the public and we just think they deserve some credit for what they do to boost our local economy.

  1. Windows (Replacement)

Local Personal Services — Naturally, personal services abound in any local economy and Lubbock is no different. At Buy Local Lubbock, we present our findings of the best services in our city.

  1. Day Care in Lubbock
  2. Education & Tutoring in Lubbock
  3. Hair Care in Lubbock
  4. Moving & Storage in Lubbock
  5. Salons in Lubbock
  6. Travel Arrangements in Lubbock
  7. Vehicle Repairs in Lubbock

Local Professionals — When you need a great Lawyer, accountant, or other professional, who you gonna call? At Buy Local Lubbock, we have found that no other category of business is as confusing as this. So here we present the best professionals in Lubbock.

  1. Accountants in Lubbock
  2. Attorney’s in Lubbock
  3. Consulting in Lubbock
  4. Dentists in Lubbock
  5. Insurance & Investing in Lubbock
  6. Medical Services in Lubbock
  7. Physicians in Lubbock
  8. Real Estate in Lubbock

Local Restaurants — Everyone loves dining out in Lubbock. In fact, if you are new to the city you are bound to be amazed at the sheer mass of restaurants in the city. In this section, we simply present all local restaurants along with a socialized way of rating these.

Local Retailers — Although Lubbock is filled with corporate retailers, many which are unique to Lubbock have been in operation for decades. Because retail is one of the areas wherein more money flows out of the community, we would like to highlight the local shops which can and do compete daily with the Big Boys.

  1. Auto Parts & Accessories in Lubbock
  2. Building Materials & Hardware
  3. Carpet, Rug, Flooring
  4. Health & Fitness in Lubbock
  5. PC Hardware & Software in Lubbock

In addition to providing our recommendations in each of these categories of local Lubbock businesses, we also include the ability of our readers to rate each as well. Watch for surveys, rating forms, and other tools to help our readers find the best Lubbock has to offer.

Remember, our mission is to help you buy local Lubbock.

If you ever have any comments or questions for us, please get in touch using the following form…